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Speak My Name edited by Don Belton

In Essay Collections, Nonfiction on April 15, 2011 at 8:19 pm

Speak Don Belton’s name–say it out loud–today, more than ever. This is about being black. It’s about being a man in America. A collection of first-hand accounts–a collection of voices. This is about Don Belton. Honest, raw, giving what needs to be seen and heard. So, listen to this stuff–this that our nation was tragically built on. Get choked up on the predictions made–a little scared for the way things repeat themselves. There are certain myths and tragedies that seem inescapable. Belton is guide; he wants so badly to understand the circle. He wants so badly to make a difference, maybe change things. There is always violence in being a son and a father and a man. There is always tension and confusion. There are always lessons that just cannot be learned; but at the end of it, does that mean we should stop teaching? This is about oppression, for sure. It’s also about sexuality and dialogue and communication. In retrospect, this book–these lessons–are more true now than ever before. In retrospect, these essays are telling the past, the present and the future.

-Micah Ling

The man who murdered Don Belton was convicted today.