Reviews in 200 Words

2030 by Albert Brooks

In Fiction on July 22, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Things push on, predictably, and not so predictably. Sure, 2030 isn’t far off. Some of us will be dead, but many of us will still be around. Can we even call that predicting the future? THE FUTURE seems like flying cars and vacationing in outer space; it always has. Let’s not forget, though, that Brooks basically predicted reality TV (see, Real Life, 1979). In many ways, it seems that anything could happen in 20 years; in other ways it doesn’t seem like anything could really change. In 1990, no one had an e-mail address. No one had the Internet. This is a novel, but only barely. Somehow you’ll have to keep reminding yourself of that. How could it not be fiction? But it all seems reasonable. You’ll chuckle, say, Huh, I bet that really happens. As if you’ll remember to check back. Much of this revolves around a seeming inevitability: people will live longer and longer. That, of course, will lead to some tension in the world of healthcare, and, in the world of generation mixing. The young and the old will become two distinct groups. The poles will become farther apart. The disasters will become more severe. Take a peek: Brooks seems to know what’s coming.

-Micah Ling


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