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Bossypants by Tina Fey (audiobook)

In Memoir--Reviewed by Katy Welter, Nonfiction on July 15, 2011 at 12:55 pm

A book containing the words speculum and menarche, unless it’s gynecological, is written for women. Listening to Fey tell about girlhood through motherhood is pure delight: it’s like recounting your most embarrassing moments over a bottle of wine with your sister. You’ll laugh loudly on public transit, nodding yes, yes. But as much as it celebrates women, Bossypants is an homage to men—Lorne Michaels, Alec Baldwin, and one bad motherfucker, Don Fey.  Fey laments women’s low status in show business, and yet repeatedly underestimates herself. Like her famous doppleganger, Sarah Palin, Fey is celebrated in part because her gender is under-represented in her field .  Also like Palin, Fey’s success is indebted to men. Lorne Michaels chose her to be an SNL writer, to co-host Weekend Update, and to pitch a primetime television show of her own. She insists 30 Rock exists because of Alec Baldwin moreso than her. Fey feigns ordinariness and, if you’re still holding out hope for your own launch into stardom, then you might buy her plain Jane routine. Otherwise, you’ll just wish that she, like too many women you know, would own her talent and solemn determination—and bossypants—without qualification or apology.

-Katy Welter

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