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The Good and the Ghastly by James Boice

In Fiction on April 8, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Maybe figuring out where we’ve really been will let us know where we’re going; what the future will bring is such a pressing concern, but what we don’t know about the past seems just as vast. Jump way ahead: not decades from now, even farther–farther than you can really comprehend. It’s 3348 AW. Things have failed, horribly, and have started over; or, repeated. Everything’s just a little different; we certainly haven’t learned much. Or, we’ve learned it all and we’re still utterly human. Still linked to the battle of good and evil. Still two-faced and egotistical and horny and afraid. People have deer instead of dogs. And so, something about this is calming–reassuring–we make the same mistakes over and over; eventually we make progress, but it’s slow, and we have to be reminded. We’re selfish and scared, always. It’s what drives everything. We’ve got desire to live, maybe that’s the only reason we last. But we should stay in check. We should reexamine who we have on pedestals; because in this new world, Sarah Palin and Stephen King and Bob Dylan are the ones remembered, and not in exactly the right ways. There’s always fear when your life is changing.

Micah Ling

Due out from Scribner in June


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