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Kockroach by Tyler Knox

In Fiction, Novel, Novel (Guest Punch by Steven Woods) on March 18, 2011 at 1:50 pm

Imagine waking one morning to discover that you’re human.  Two legs instead of eight – tough armor replaced with flesh. What do you do? Adapt. Fear and greed remain the two primary drivers of life. Consider whether or not desire for something outweighs the fear of getting it. Consider risk. Now you’re thinking like a cockroach. Learn English from the hustlers, whores and people on the street. Self-preservation is much easier in this world – there isn’t a shoe big enough out there to crush you. And what happens after base needs are met? Back to greed, baby! More. More! MORE! But don’t be fooled, Kockroach is more than kitschy “tip of the hat” to Kafka. It’s a retelling of “the prodigal son”…an exercise in defamiliarization…a sociological commentary on the current state of leadership. Every rise needs a first step. The instinctual life of hiding by day, eating and fucking at night is replaced with societal nuance, posturing and formality – all utterly foreign to the insect you once were. And maybe, it’s not such a big change.

-Steven Woods

  1. Loved this book, even wrote a review myself ( ), unfortunately, it hasn’t been translated into German yet. Great book with a great idea.

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