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Life by Keith Richards

In Fiction, Memoir, Nonfiction on February 2, 2011 at 6:30 pm

After over 40 years on the road with The Rolling Stones it’s expected that Keith Richards would have a lot of stories. But seriously, 500 pages? He must run out of steam, you think. But like the man himself – charting an upward trajectory (“Satisfaction,” “Sympathy for the Devil,” world tours, supermodel wives) with scant speed bumps along the way (“Harlem Shuffle,” heroin) – this is fascinating stuff. The highlights are many, even for readers with only a tangential interest in The Rolling Stones, rock and roll, or how to tune a guitar to open G. There are the essential stories: Keith’s take on Altamont, the making of “Exile on Main Street,” and a detailed chronicle of his on again and (mostly) off again relationship with Mick. There’s Keith’s tips on how to win a knife fight (cut their forehead and run while they bleed in their eyes) and his cold turkey remedy for kicking the junk. Giving it away here won’t ruin it. You’re cracking the cover because you want to hear Keith tell it – to hear that gravely voice blurring the words, recounting the years while the ice clinks in the whiskey glass. It’s all here, and it’s amazing.


-Jay Cullis


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