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Iron John by Robert Bly (1992) Reviewed by Jay Cullis

In Examination (Guest Punch by Jay Cullis) on December 22, 2010 at 8:54 pm

Somewhere along the line – and let’s be clear from the get-go that this is a very long line – everyone forgot how to deal with masculinity. We lost track of where it came from and how to express it. We got confused by television commercials explaining how easy and wonderful it is to shave our faces. We listened to preachers who told us to keep it in our pants. We saw how our bosses dressed and bought thousand-dollar suits. We felt out of touch with our wives and girlfriends and we determined to get in touch with our feminine side. Our coaches told us to rub dirt on it, walk it off, be a man. In middle school the shit-talk in the hallways made us sick for caring about art and poetry, music and literature. We were angry at our fathers and didn’t know what to do – how to cry, how to grow up, how to deal with our shame. We forgot how to forgive. We forgot how to say fuck you. We forgot how to care deeply, truly. We forgot about passion and the madness inherent. We forgot, we forgot, we forgot. We forgot it’s okay to be man.

-Jay Cullis

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