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i am here And You are Gone by Shome Dasgupta (reviewed by Christopher Bowen)

In Guest Punch (chapbook): Christopher Bowen on November 24, 2010 at 6:15 pm

This is a beautiful last gasp, or echoed, exhaled breath to the testament of how we are a part of the people that grow around and with us. A desperate wail to a night, to dancing on rooftops looking for “an acrobat of the universe,” this is human transparency.   A dandelion never meant so much.  From the first, it felt like this couple could go toe to toe with anyone celebrating a timeless love. Isn’t this always how things look on the surface? Dasgupta encases Jonas and Mary in amber and fossil, in growth and young devotion, meandering a path to a one truth that may very well bind all of us. May very well make us all connected. Feel a tinge of jealousy when reading this for the simplicity of their childhoods, for the simplicity of their friendship, for the lack of such a friend through all the years and schools you ever attended.  Simply.  But the path Dasgupta points us through is like stars, is more than clouded jealousy. More than the distance you can see.  

-Christopher Bowen 


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