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East Fifth Bliss by Douglas Light

In Novel on September 16, 2010 at 1:06 pm

Somehow Light has you liking Morris Bliss right from the get-go; and he’s not an especially popular or attractive character. He’s just, normal. A remarkable balance between inhibition and irresponsibility. At thirty-five, in New York City, he still lives with his father. He jumps from job to job the way a picky man goes from woman to woman. And his girlfriend of sorts, Stefani, is eighteen and entirely sarcastic–with a plan. You can’t help but try to guess what’s coming next: it’s a familiar set-up, but just when you think you know, Light assures you that you’re wrong. Everything here makes you a little uncomfortable–but in a curious, exciting way. Bliss still calls his father, “Daddy.” Stefani makes demands and gets upset when things don’t quite pan out. She’s eighteen: she steals stuff. And Light has you liking Stefani, too: every mocking inch of her. Of course Bliss enjoys her company: she’s hilarious and sharp beyond her years, but punchy and energetic the way you remember eighteen to be. This is mostly the story of an intersection: one that not enough people will admit makes perfect sense. One that not enough people will admit to being in the middle of. 

-Micah Ling

Douglas Light

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