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Paris Trout by Pete Dexter–Reviewed by Steven Woods

In Novel (Guest Punch by Steven Woods), Novels on July 22, 2010 at 12:58 pm

Paris Trout is like a sucker punch in a dark, crowded bar.  Stop several times.  Ask yourself, “What the fuck just happened?”  Much like watching two people fight, regardless of our proclivities towards violence, we’re gonna stay and watch…err read.  Paris Trout is a figure caught in dead space as time moves forward.  Things always weighed more when they were dead, and the weight of Paris Trout is yoked around the neck of everyone he contacts, especially you.  Great writing shows you a story rather than tells you, and buddy – Pete Dexter takes you so close to the action that you need a drink and a hot shower at the end.  It takes place in a small Georgia town where the murder of a young black girl begins a string of events that pulls back the curtain and illuminates an unapologetic soul whose ugliness transcends racism and exposes the worst trait in humans:  indifference.  If it sounds familiar, be sure, you’ve never read a book like this before.  Dexter’s characters are beautiful and flawed – just like us – but Paris Trout is someone you never want to meet.


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