Reviews in 200 Words

Troubled Tongues by Crystal Williams

In Poetry on May 4, 2010 at 11:47 pm

These are the things we need, each of us. Not food and water and breath, those things are here, sure, but these are the things that we really cannot be without. Ritual, advice, beauty, god, dogs. Sometimes all of these at once. It makes no sense to say things will get better / because you will not understand until they are better / & they may not get better soon. Truth. These are the things that every life learns, if lucky. These things prove that without happiness, life is just eating and sleeping: routine. Without these things we wouldn’t have unfamiliar or language or books. We wouldn’t long to learn anything. Maybe this is the way: the body as quiver –a chronic, quaking / receptacle to be simply asserted, inserted, / pressed again & again between the God & the Good. These are rules–not suggestions–things to know and live by. These are 33 steps to growing up. These are time and scar and too good to be true. These things are fucking funny: rough funny, almost not-funny funny. Sarcastic. Most importantly, these things remind us to, Know what you want, / she said, & tell everyone who will listen. 

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