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Here Be Monsters by Colin Cheney

In Poetry on April 21, 2010 at 2:41 pm

This is like the combination of every great thing ever written. No, really: this pulls on the great myths, fairytales, literature and art of the world. Everyone you admire is here: a whole education. And then, it’s also pork/beef/fennel/juniper berry sausage, and the smells of hay and smoke. The use of language is comfortable: solid. Let’s agree that oysters have no senses // that the air was safe to breathe. / Hawks don’t eat hearts of other birds // we take care of our own. Yes, let’s do agree on that. Let’s agree on everything that goes on in this book, because it all seems just right. Prepare yourself to feel like Cheney knows you: knows your slight obsession with birds and Georgia O’Keeffe, and Charles Darwin. Our friend in the hospital waits / to be saved, for a net to trawl / nodes of a deep we map in one held breath: / here the milky way shimmering & gasoline, / here the interspecies moment between hubcap / & horseshoe crab. Here, are moments and sounds and smells we don’t realize we’ve catalogued away. Here is where we’re reminded of them.

National Poetry Series Winner

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