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Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon

In Novel on December 3, 2009 at 2:20 pm

This book is best read on a road trip. An hour or two at a time, after full days of tires on pavement–moving, going somewhere else, getting out, looking for anything different from where you’ve been. You might consider not returning; ever. These characters are moving and changing everything–identity, status, location–and it doesn’t seem so difficult. Lucy Lattimore and George Orson were once student and teacher, respectively, but now they’re lovers on the run, stealing impossible amounts of money. Ryan Schuyler is officially dead, but still bumping around Vegas, trying to remember who he is from one day to the next. Miles Cheshire is on a 10-year, seemingly-endless search for his twin brother, Hayden. These characters make you want to walk away: they make you want to try. These intertwined stories and identities force a new understanding of scam and lie and trust. Good luck getting these knotted relationships out of your head. Good luck coming back from your own trip. Chaon raises the bar on the convergence of seemingly unrelated lives; he raises the bar on the understanding of self and deception and escape.


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