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I Am the New Black by Tracy Morgan

In Non-Fiction on November 6, 2009 at 2:19 pm

Disclosure: Book Punch highly recommends that you listen to the audio version of Tracy Morgan reading this book.

This book makes you want to wash your hands. It’s funny, yes, Tracy Morgan can’t not be funny–but it’s also pitifully sad: cringe-worthy. It’s much more a conversation than a profound tale, but Morgan tells you some things. He tells you exactly what it’s like to grow up in the projects of Brooklyn in the 1970’s: drugs, drug money, drug-dealers, drugged-up hookers, AIDS, guns, screaming out windows, maggots. He tells you what it’s like to lose virginity at age 8 and become a man before a teenager. He makes success make sense–it’s the same for all of us. Who hasn’t achieved something, anything, and wondered why the next chump didn’t get it instead? Everyone out there is working their ass off…sometimes it pays off big, sometimes it doesn’t at all. Tracy Morgan is “big funny,” and he knows it. On the playground it was his gun–his way of getting out of a tight spot. When he was on SNL it was his ticket to party–the ace that scored loads of gin, after-after parties and all the ladies. Now Tracy Morgan is in his 40’s and honest as hell—his mid-life crisis is reflection and it makes sense, so listen the fuck up.


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