Reviews in 200 Words

Face by Sherman Alexie

In Poetry on October 7, 2009 at 12:47 am

This collection is like being naked, it’s like really good cocktails at a stand-up show—the witty kind with lots of jokes about W., it’s like a dream you keep having about your dead father, it’s like reading Hamlet for the fourth time and finally getting it, it’s like watching a spider build a web on a mailbox, it’s like meeting Richard Pryor running down the street, it’s like being an Indian at Mount Rushmore, it’s like watching a small bird fly into a window, it’s like telling a whole series of really dirty dirty-jokes, it’s like taking a survey on how you feel about poetry, it’s like sneaking into a fancy 5-star hotel just to take a piss, it’s like sneaking into the wheat fields to have sex with your high school sweetheart, it’s like sneaking to the top of a silo, it’s like screaming “who the fuck cares?!” over and over, it’s like the sad, sad sound of truth, it’s like watching all the birds of the world in fast-forward—how much they accomplish in a day, it’s like getting a glimpse of Heaven and feeling lonely, it’s like blue lightning flashing his thin blue knives.

  1. Sherman Alexie is king.

  2. Wow. Great review. I've never read anything like it. Being an Alexie fan, I think you just said everything that my nerves feel when I'm reading his work.

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