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Road Dogs by Elmore Leonard

In Novel on May 26, 2009 at 1:00 am

This novel is like clapping a hand-jive. The characters are so damn cool that you want to be part of their world—crooked as it is. Things get complicated fast, especially when everyone is putting someone else on (or everyone else on). The book begins in a Florida prison: Jack Foley (bad-ass bank-robber) and Cundo Rey (pint-sized, middle-aged, Cuban con-man) are road dogs—they’ve got each other’s back. But the guys get out (early) and (as per Cundo’s plan) they meet up in Venice Beach, CA. Enter Dawn Navarro (the sexy, psychic, scheming “wife” of Cundo) and her various puppet-men. When Foley gets to town, with a reputation for having robbed 127 banks, FBI agent, Lou Adams, is hoping Foley will return to his antics, so that he can write the perfect ending to his book. Leonard’s novel takes place in present-day, but seems like it should have a hip-70’s soundtrack. The dialogue is sharp, just like you imagine ultra-cool ex-cons talk. Leonard manages to pull off body-guards named Zorro, rich widows exorcizing their dead husbands, and skinhead hit-men who do just about anything for a few hundred bucks. Reach for your shades to read this; turn up the funk.


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